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Thai hot stone massage

The massage combines the effects of thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aromatherapy and a relaxing Thai massage. The main basis is the wide action on thermoreceptors in the patient’s skin. As a result of the reflex effect, the temperature of the massaged areas increases and the blood vessels widen.

The purpose of the massage is general relaxation, high local congestion and general improvement of the basic metabolism as well as general cleansing of the body and increasing the tissue exchange processes. We perform the hot stone massage with specially selected basalt stones with extraordinary heat-absorbing capacity, which can be used for therapeutic purposes through many years of natural treatment with sea waves. For a full body massage, you need a set of about 50 stones of different shapes and sizes. Hot stone massage affects the whole body like a hot relaxing bath. After the massage, the skin is better supplied with blood, nourished and oxygenated. Gains flexibility and firmness. Tension is evened out in the muscles and elasticity is gained, and they regenerate faster after prolonged exercise. This massage improves the work of the heart, reduces stress and restores emotional balance. It has a calming and analgesic effect. The circulatory and lymphatic systems also improve. The massage begins with heating the stones to a temperature of about 60 ° C and preparing the patient with a gentle and relaxing initial massage. In order to obtain the lightness of stone slip, oils (coconut, argon) are used on the skin. The combination of warm stones with appropriate Thai massage techniques is beneficial for a tired, stressed body and mind.

260,00 zł - 340,00 zł

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