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Thai Message


First, we encourage you to read about Thai massage and it therapeutic effects. You can find all relevant information on our page, and if you still have questions – do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly provide all the information you need and book a massage at your most convenient time.

Remember, a classical Thai Massage is performed on the floor, on a special mat or a light mattress. To provide you with a feeling of comfort and restfulness, you are given dedicated clothing, because your body will be subjected to various positions during the massage. These body positions derive from five fundamental postures: lying backwards, forwards and on the side, as well as inverted position and sitting postures. The meditative state you become surrounded with entails an important element, therefore Thai massage is usually performed in silence, which allows for concentration and reflection.

klasyczny masaż tajski wykonywany jest na podłodze, na której rozłożona jest specjalna mata

Oil massages are performed on a Thai massage table. You are provided with disposable undergarments.

Thai massage primarily entails the use of pressure on specific points on the entire body, starting with the feet and moving up to the head. The masseuse also uses various techniques, mainly rhythmic, slow body pressure, as well as elements of stretching, passive yoga and work with energy channels – all to release tension and unblock the flow of energy.