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About Thai massage

What is Thai massage?

You need to know that in Thailand Thai massage is known as “ancient” or “traditional” massage. It is an amazing combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and elements of yoga. During massage, the therapist very slowly and rhythmically presses certain energetic points on your body, which relieves pain and tension.

Thai massage is sometimes also referred as “lazy man's yoga” as during the massage you take many yoga-like positions. We start the massage from feet to proceed slowly to your head. Your body is gently moved, relaxed and stretched. Thai massage has an effect which leads to complete recovery of your body, energy and mind.

Benefits of Thai massage:
  • has energizing effect
  • opens meridians which transfer life energy
  • relieves pain and muscle tension
  • restores agility and flexibility
  • improves blood and lymph circulation
  • enables healthy sleeping
  • cures back, neck and shoulder pains, eliminates numbness and tiredness of the legs
  • brings relief in headaches, stress and mental fatigue

Thai massage is appropriate for people at every age, for those active and less active, those healthy and suffering from different health problems. This massage has priceless rehabilitation qualities. It is believed to shorten time of health recovery, helps to calm the mind and find proper body balance. Thai massage is known for its relaxing and energizing benefits not only for the recipient but also for the giver, bringing calmness and positive energy.

What can you expect from Thai massage?

Thai massage is conducted in a special clothing, on the floor on the mat or light mattress. A person receiving massage takes many different positions originating from five basic postures: lying on the back, lying face down, lying on the side, reversed position and sitting position. It is important to maintain a meditation state, so Thai massage is usually performed in silence which enables concentration and reflection.

In the beginning of the procedure the therapist will assess which parts of the body need healing and adjust proper massage techniques accordingly. Thai massage especially focuses on pressing certain points on the whole body – starting from feet, and then other body parts in the direction up to the head. A massage therapist uses various techniques, such as rhythmic slow pressing movements with the body and elements of stretching, passive yoga and work with energy channels. The ultimate goal is to remove tension and unblock flow of energy. This massage guarantees deep relaxation which brings many positive changes in the body leading to restoration of balance and harmony. One of the key elements of Thai massage includes blocking and unblocking blood flow which is known as “trigger point therapy”. Thai massage ends with a small massage of the head (similar to Indian head massage), after which the therapist covers with his fingers the ears of the recipient to bring back his thoughts to reality.