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About our salons

Inspired by travelling and fascination with the Orient, and especially Thailand, we came up with an idea to open a Thai massage salon. It would be wonderful if it was in Gdynia. A real massage salon – as in Thailand. A salon where the massages are given by experienced masseuses who received training in Wat Pho Temple in Bangkok – the most renowned place in the world, existing for over 2 thousand years, dedicated to the art of Thai massage. That is how the first Thai massage salon on the Polish coast was opened. The owners selected each detail of the salon with exquisite care. For example, they have personally chosen all the furniture in Thailand. Coconut oils are made by Mrs Chamron from Nongyiato – mom of Mrs Bualoy, and the staff is usually composed of her family and close friends. And who is Mrs. Bualoy?
She is a manager of Sabai Jai and a wife of its owner.