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Voucher Policy: Invitations and Season Tickets


SABAI JAI Thai Massage Salon, owned by Bualoy Jabłońska running her business under the name Everyday Bualoy Jabłońska, ul. Jaśkowa Dolina 9/1, 80-252 Gdańsk, NIP: 585 144 63 88.

Voucher – document issued directly by Sabai Jai, including invitations, season tickets and coupons, which may be used to pay for the services in Sabai Jai.
Buyer – person who bought a voucher directly in Sabai Jai.
User – adult person paying with a voucher and accepting these Terms and Conditions.

1. To use a voucher, the User should make an appointment by the online booking form (www.sabaijai.pl) or by contacting the salon in Gdańsk or Gdynia by phone and provide the number of the voucher.

2. If the User does not provide us with their voucher number while making a reservation, the receptionist may refuse to accept the voucher.

3. Before the treatment, the User should present the voucher to reception. In case of the failure to present the voucher, the User is obliged to pay for the service in cash.

4. The voucher cannot be returned or redeemed for cash.

5. If the value of the service provided is lower than the value of the voucher, the User is not entitled to receive change.

6. If the value of the service provided is higher than the value of the voucher, the User is obliged to cover the difference in cash or by payment card before the service.

7. Voucher for a specific service can be used only once and cannot be divided unless its description provides otherwise.

8. The time of the appointment may be changed only once, not later than 24 hours before the originally chosen time, or otherwise the voucher is considered as used.

9. In case of the failure to change the reservation within the time limit stated above and in case of the failure to arrive at the salon, the voucher is considered as used. As far as season tickets are concerned, the value of the service which has not been cancelled will be deducted during the next visit.

10. Sabai Jai accepts only vouchers which are not damaged and have all the security features, protecting them against forgery (value or name of the package, hologram with serial number, expiry date, stamp of the issuer, signature of the issuer etc.)

11. Sabai Jai may not be held liable for the loss and damage of the voucher after presenting it to the Buyer.

12. The Buyer and the User are not entitled to any claims against Sabai Jai for the loss (including theft) or damage of the voucher.

13. If there are no free places due to late reservation, the obligations of Sabai Jai shall expire.

14. The voucher’s expiry date (only of the voucher bought directly in Sabai Jai) may be extended by a month only if the Buyer or the User buys another voucher at a regular price, without current promotions included.

15. When paying with the voucher, the User confirms that they accept these Terms and Conditions.

16. Sabai Jai reserves the right to change the above Terms and Conditions.

17. If any of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions is invalid according to a binding court judgement, the other provisions shall remain in effect.