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Hot stone Thai massage



This massage combines the effects of thermotherapy, drainage, acupressure, aromatherapy and relaxing Thai massage. It basically works with thermoreceptors in the patient’s skin. Reflex effect results in the increase of temperature of the massaged area and widening of blood vessels.



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The massage is aimed at general relaxation, big local hyperaemia and general metabolism boost as well as cleansing the body and increase of tissue exchange processes. Hot stone massage is performed with specially selected basalt stones with amazing properties of heat absorption, which due to natural processing by sea waves for many years may be used for therapeutic purposes. Full body massage requires a set of about 50 stones of different shapes and sizes. Such massage has the effect on the body similar to relaxing hot bath. The skin after the massage is better supplied with blood, nourished and oxygenated. It gets elasticity and firmness. The massage optimizes tension in muscles and gives them more elasticity so they regenerate faster after long physical effort. It also improves heart health, lowers stress and restores emotional balance. It has tranquilizing and painkilling effects. It also improves the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems. The massage starts with heating the stones up to the temperature of 60°C and preparing the patient by a gentle and relaxing introductory massage. The oils (coconut and argan) are also used because the stones should smoothly slide on the skin. Combination of hot stones with appropriate Thai massage techniques is extremely beneficial for tired and stressed body and mind.

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