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Sabai Jai Shop

December 3, 2021

We have just launched a store where you can purchase gift and quota vouchers. Welcome to the Sabai Jai Store!...

sabai jai - masaż tajski

Sabai Jai salon safety measures

March 1, 2021

We maintain sanitary standards at our salons.......

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Thai massage

Thai massage, in Thailand also known as ancient healing massage or traditional therapy massage, is a unique art, with a very long tradition. It is rooted in a combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and yoga, through which the masseuse is able to relieve pain, release tension, restore muscle flexibility or improve circulation.

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Our Masseuse Team

Become acquainted with our massage practitioners from Thailand, who are dedicated to the comfort and hence the health of our clients. Our masseuses hold credentials from certified massage schools and are highly qualified as well as extensively experienced, yet each one adds something personally distinctive to the Thai massage.

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If you feel tension and muscle pain, have done hard workouts, or are often tired – consider Thai massage. You will experience considerable relief. Some of the massages we offer are therapeutic and often recommended after treatments or injuries. Thai massage also significantly improves the quality of sleep as well as increases body flexibility.

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The inspiration to open a Thai massage salon spawned through numerous travels and our fascination with the Orient, Thailand especially. Because we wanted our services to be authentic, the massages are performed by qualified masseuses, while the equipment and products are of Thailand origin. All details are seen to by Bualoy – our chief masseuse and the face of our salons.


Thai massage is suitable for people of all ages, for those more and those less active, for healthy persons and those suffering from various medical conditions. It has health-promoting, rehabilitative properties and is believed to shorten recovery time as well as helps calm the mind and find the right body balance. By bringing peacefulness and positive energy, it benefits both the person being massaged as well as the masseuse

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